Calibration Channel

Design + Build Studio

The Calibration Channel provides a seating-platform to channel the river sounds in a manner that small groups and individuals can undergo sensory calibration. Primary structural ribs, digitally defined from the simulation models, contour an interior skin, which acts as a secondary structural element.

The skin creates a smoother surface to better accommodate acoustics. The structure rests on digitally modeled and CNC-milled Indiana Limestone bases, shedding water away from the wood surfaces. In order to maximize usage of donated red oak and ash, a digital index was established to catalog and organize each board. Since each component had been digitally nested upon a digitized board, slight adjustments in data allowed us to directly output that information to the CNC mill. As a result of such proficient data transference, we were able to focus in on variations of details.

The 180 skin boards were cut from the remaining hardwood. An environmentally friendly treatment was applied to the rib and skin components. The installation was erected in roughly one week, with very few modifications to the pre-fabricated components. As an instrument, the Calibration Channel becomes a threshold for individuals to realign their sensory energy to the sensitivities of the river. It serves as catalyst for a paradigm shift, away from shaping nature for the sake of humanity, and towards shaping humanity for the sake of nature.